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Production of anatomical and orthopedic  Lavandon footwear operates within the company Bauerfeind doo Lavandon production is located in Antunovac not far from Osijek. The entire production process takes place manually from the beginning to the end of the production of orthopedic and anatomical footwear, which we are extremely proud of.

The main activity is the production of custom-made orthopedic footwear and insoles, but by gathering knowledge and information we have developed anatomical footwear for children and adults that can be ordered by size.

The production of orthopedic footwear begins with the arrival of the client in one of our branches where measures are taken using plantograms, foam, plaster or scanning, after which all documentation is sent to Lavandon production where a mold is made by hand or using a CNC machine, templates for hand tailoring, sewing, the made sole or already finished is made and the shoes are finished and packed, which are coated with lavender oil before delivery.

In addition to the production of orthopedic footwear, insoles and anatomical footwear, Lavandon is also engaged in the production of molds for other clients and the production of a series of products designed by the customer.

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baby lavandon

Baby Lavandon

Through many years of work and production of orthopedic footwear, we have developed shoes for non-walkers Baby Lavandon and for the first steps Gita and Hlapić Baby Lavandon, which we are very proud of.

Like all Lavandon footwear, the children's models are made exclusively of leather and flexible soles that mimic barefoot walking. The metatarsal part is specially designed to protect and be soft so that the child's foot can feel the unevenness on the surface and develop natural reflexes. Although all of our footwear has an anatomical and orthopedic insole in collaboration with experts for children’s models for the first steps we did not design orthopedic insoles to allow the foot to just develop its natural course. For children who need an orthopedic insole, we have a special production of custom insoles.

Gita and Hlapić Lavandon shoes are intended for walking outside, but they are very soft and comfortable, so our little ones wear them around the house.

Check out the Baby Lavandon collection

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